Fundo ELAS

Fundo ELAS, the Brazilian Women’s Fund (ELAS), has been, and continues to be, involved with a number of collaborations with corporate sector actors, including Chevron, the Avon Institute, Rede Globo and Instituto Unibanco.  Each of these engagements evolved in a different way, but proved to be a “win-win” for both partners. 

Engagement with the private sector has been part of ELAS’ core strategy from its founding in 2000.  To launch this strategy, ELAS was determined to build a deep understanding and network with the private sector.  ELAS contacted and eventually established a partnership with the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (GIFE), an umbrella organization for companies and foundations interested in social investment in Brazil. Through this partnership, ELAS received information and contact with corporations and enterprises doing social investment. In 2003, ELAS conducted two seminars with GIFE on how companies could work more effectively on social investment and diversity. 

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Building Innovative Anti-Violence Strategies


Supporting Women-Run Small Businesses


Collaborating to End Gender-Based Violence


Partnering to Reduce Gender Inequality in STEM Fields

The Match international women's fund

In 2010, the Canadian International Development Agency defunded several of its longstanding commitments, as a result, The MATCH Fund lost 75% of its operating budget overnight, forcing it to close all of its programs and nearly close its doors.  Three years later, the organization underwent an extensive transformation process, rebranding as The MATCH International Women’s Fund, and now serving as Canada's only international women’s fund. The organization attributes its success, in part, to its ability to leverage high impact private sector partnerships.

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A Successful (Re)Brand Story


Semillas and Fundación Banorte have been working in partnership since 2011. Fundación Banorte initially funded individual grants for existing projects addressing the urgent needs of women in Mexico.  In 2014, Semillas began supporting Fundación Banorte in its strategic outreach by sharing its strategies on evaluation procedures and fundraising.  The exchange of learning and practice created mutual trust, and provided a foundation for bigger engagement.  Working together with Semillas staff, the director and manager of Fundación Banorte supported Semillas in preparing a proposal that addressed the bank’s focus on women’s social impact as well as the fund’s needs and mission, which resulted in the bank funding an innovative project to strengthen grassroots women’s organizations using art and communication. 

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Partnering with Fundación Banorte to Strengthen Grassroots Women's Organizations

Top Image: Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville, 2015.