FUNDO ELAS AND REDE GLOBO: Collaborating with Rede Globo to Build Visibility

Rede Globo, the Brazilian television network (Globo), is the host of the annual Brazilian Day festival in New York City - a large outdoor event on several blocks of Avenue of the Americas that attracts over a million people yearly to celebrate Brazilian independence. In 2015, ELAS and the Brazilian Human Rights Fund partnered with Globo to launch a joint campaign, #BrazilAgainstViolence, at the festival.  Globo sponsored a tent for ELAS and the Human Rights Fund, with 50 volunteers, which attracted thousands of festival attendees. As part of the partnership, Globo produced a short video for the #BrazilAgainstViolence campaign that was highlighted at the festival.

This collaboration grew out of Globo’s prior work with ELAS in Brazil.  ELAS had worked with Globo's social responsibility group to have "tents" in different municipalities on Citizenship Day in Brazil, highlighting the work of certain local ELAS grantee organizations working with women in those communities.  ELAS supported Globo by providing innovative ideas for their social responsibility campaign strategies. Inspired by ELAS’ recommendations, Globo produced two campaigns, one using an actress from a popular soap opera to advocate for a bill before Congress supporting domestic workers rights, and another using an actress from a popular soap opera to advocate for the prevention violence against women.   The 2015 Brazilian Day collaboration represented another step in a growing relationship between ELAS and Globo.  


For Globo:  Through creating and showcasing a powerful video – and providing ELAS with a new platform – Globo was able to deliver social impact with little outlay of cash.

For ELAS: This project provided ELAS with great visibility for its work on gender-based violence in Brazil, allowing it to reach new audiences and build contacts with people and organizations outside of its usual network.  While Globo provided no direct funding, ELAS obtained over three hundred new donors (over 40 each hour) at the Brazilian Day tent. 

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Top Image: Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville, 2015.      

Video Provided by Fundo ELAS